Emu and Emu Oil Products – From the Farm to You!

Only the highest quality emu products from emus raised with TLC Sundance Emu Ranch is near Lawrence, Kansas which is in eastern Kansas. The eggs from farm raised birds are hatched in incubators and raised in a happy and healthy environment with large safe pens and houses. Our emu are raised on feed formulated to optimize growth (no growth hormones or antibiotics are used). Our full attention is given to raising and caring for our emus as they are the only livestock that we raise on our farm. We sell our products from the farm year around as well as at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market from April through November.

It gives us great satisfaction to be able to provide our customers with superior products at a reasonable cost. We strive to give helpful, fast and friendly service. We back our products with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Markets Where We Can Be Found
» Lawrence Farmer’s Market
800 block New Hampshire (east side)
Lawrence, KS
Saturday Mornings
7-11 a.m.
2nd Saturday in April through the
Saturday before Thanksgiving
» Lawrence Farmer’s Holiday Market
Holiday Inn Convention Center
200 McDonald Drive
Lawrence, KS
9:00 a.m. ‒ 5:00 p.m.
2nd Saturday in December
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